I kinda like Shingy


Reading this interview by Business Insider with David Shing was really good – sounds like he’s a super nice guy. And so underserving of the hurtful outpouring from so many back in February (here’s a taste).

In his case he’s taken it all in his stride, and hopefully will actually benefit from it (in terms of exposure, which then turns positive).

I’ve never really understood name calling in  popular tech reporting – it seems so childish and cruel. But in this case it’s interesting – they picked on him about his appearance. That it seems, is still fine for media to do…

Perhaps ‘appearance’ is the last remaining area media can pick on and still get away with. If he’d been a minority group member (in his part of the world) they wouldn’t have touched him – eg imagine if he’d been a woman, or black, or gay, or a Muslim. Pretty sure his appearance wouldn’t have been so focussed on, lest the media outlet be called out for discrimination. And rightly so.

Speaking of discrimination, I’m saddened by the Julie Ann Horvath situation, and glad to see it being investigated. But part of me wonders whether this is actually about sexism, or rather just about people being complete assholes. Every company has them. And if nothing less, I hope the investigation into this situation starts getting the message through that intimidation of any kind (gender, race, religion, and yes even appearance) is not on.

Talent and merit and results are fair game though – let’s focus on those please. Both within the company ranks, and from the media that reports on them.

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By Craig Bailey