INXS: 15 Year Anniversary of Wembley Stadium


It is 15 years ago to the day that INXS, one of Australia’s greatest ever rock bands, took to the stage at Wembley Stadium and delivered the perfect rock concert. No backup dancers, no fancy lights shows, no silly interludes. Just a sensational rock concert. It showcases exceptional musicianship, as great rock song after great rock song is performed for an ecstatic crowd of over 70,000. This is a band at the pinnacle of its career.
The DVD has a stack of behind the scenes features, in particular an interview with Michael Hutchence where he reveals he has terrible eyesight and can’t see more than 10 metres without glasses. It may come as a surprise that this shy, often misunderstood, and sadly missed consumate frontman chose never to wear glasses or contacts on stage – for all his talent, charm and charisma, he was afraid of seeing the crowd.
This DVD should be required viewing for any ‘real’ band touring these days.
You can buy it from Amazon here or from Chaos Music (Australia) here.


By Craig Bailey