Interview tips and lunacy


The whole interviewing things has reached stupid levels these days, where you can't even ask someone where they were born for fear of later being charged with discriminating against them if they don't get the job… check this link (and this) for details.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) in IT we have such a skills shortage, that the only discrimination we can be charged with is scarcity (ie I didn't give them the job because I couldn't find them :-). As such we'll take anyone who can do the job, regardless of their sex, race, political beliefs, etc, etc. And frankly, to think that someone in IT would discriminate base on race is a thing of the past (and it won't be coming back either). There are bound to be a few clowns around who still have wacko race or gender related biases, but who'd want to work for them anyway – there are so many job offerings these days (I'm still talking IT here) that it hardly matters.

Here's some links about what you should do in preparing for an interview, conducting an interview and asking questions.

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By Craig