Install Windows 7 from a USB stick


I’m really enjoying Windows 7, it’s a little nicer to use, it’s pretty stable, and most importantly everything just works (well, except for Sleep mode on my Toshiba, but I suspect that’s a graphics driver issue and not necessarily a Windows 7 one – but hey, that’s what Beta versions are for right? To iron out these issues).

Now, you may have a hurdle installing Windows 7 on a few devices which don’t have DVD players. If that’s your issue, then this video by Dennis Chung will help. In it he explains how to install Windows 7 with a USB key.

Now, I don’t have that scenario, so I initially thought the post wouldn’t be of much use to me. But here’s what I learnt: If it takes a 7 minute video to explain how to install something from a USB key then there is something very wrong. In fact anything that takes more than 3 steps to get working (this video has 8) is going to be a showstopper for most people.

It’s a shame really, because my experience with Windows 7 so far has been one of simplicity. I really like the interface and whole user experience. What a shame that the install experience for some will be far from that. Yes, I’m being a little narky here, but it’s the extra complexity that Microsoft seems to lay on top of most offerings that really disappoints me – or should I say, present a wonderful ‘opportunity for improvement’ :-). And yes, I’ve got a separate post on this coming shortly…

(via Sarah Perez)

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By Craig Bailey