Google to allow searching of scientific data


I continue to be stunned by Google's reach. Whilst I'm not one of the 'be wary of Google having too much power' brigade I can see how incredible their power is becoming (trust is a different matter). Name me an area they aren't tapping into…

This latest news is exciting for its sheer geekiness factor. It is suggested they will be making 120 terabytes of data available initially, including Hubble Space Telescope imagery. 120TB isn't much in the scheme of things of course (after all most of us probably have a TB or two at home just for our personal storage), but having even only a few terabytes of just Hubble photos, all searchable is way cool.

How to get the data? Easy, Google provide a 3TB suitcase initially, and you just send them the files.

Note, in a year or two we'll be walking around with terabyte memory sticks I'm sure.

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By Craig