Giving up coffee


You know, we Aussies can learn a lot from the Americans when it comes to service – everything here in the hotel is organised well, and the staff are all polite and keen to help. I haven’t come across a grumpy person yet.

But when it comes to coffee they don’t have a clue. We’ve had coffee at a number of places now and it has all been terrible. They even have a Starbucks in the hotel, and after 4 coffees over different days they are consistently bad (consistency is actually a good thing).

So, that would mean I am only having the coffee to keep away the withdrawal. I don’t enjoy the coffee, it has a bad aftertaste, and it costs me money. Sounds dumb. So, I’m giving it up. What’s the use of a habit if it doesn’t bring any pleasure. I’m bracing for the withdrawal headache…

If anyone can point me in the direction of a good coffee though, I’m all ears…

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By Craig Bailey