Fast, good or Cheap? Pick 3


You of course know the traditional quip: Fast, Good or Cheap: Pick 2.

(Also referred to as the Speed, Quality or Cost triangle)

The reasoning (or wisdom based on experience) is that you can’t optimise for all 3.

Enter ChatGPT and a plethora of AI tools.

And most importantly, enter a team that has put the effort into prompt engineering skills and knows the limits/problems/shortfalls of the tools and suddenly (yes, suddenly!) you have a potential for saying:

Fast, Good or Cheap*: Pick 3.

This will be the norm very soon.

*Cheap of course is a very relative/subjective term – a $4M house that is purchased for $2M is cheap. A $5 coffee that is purchased for $10 is expensive.

1 comment

  • Except it’s never quick and cheap.

    The quality of ChatGPT is suspect and needs someone human to vet and edit it. That requires time and money.

    I don’t think the project management triangle, or whatever the real name is for it is going anywhere.

By Craig Bailey