That Dan Lyons book


Well played Dan, well played.

“Instant New York Times Bestseller” pretty much sums it up.

The book promotion tour for Disrupted is on and thus the pieces have been coming thick and fast over the past two weeks.

Dharmesh has a calm response that I found impressive (disclaimer: Dharmesh is a personal hero of mine).

Ian and I mentioned our thoughts on episode 29 of HubShots (towards the end) and our friend Moby Siddique (@mobysiddique) has a longer, stronger reaction at the start of episode 7 of Inbound Buzz (well worth a listen).

In the scheme of things these stories are merely distractions, and I don’t think anyone seriously considers HubSpot an isolated example of this kind of startup growth issue. Or any corporate for that matter.

I’d love to know how much of this Dan wrote with interest versus intent. As a writer he needs to sell books, can’t hold that against him. But I wonder if he feels he really has contributed value to the world with this. I hope so.

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By Craig Bailey