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It has been a really tiring year so far (good for Talman though) with so much work on.

So it was a welcome phone call a few weeks back from my good friend Greg calling to say he wanted to get the band back together (sorry).

Many years ago a bunch of us were in a band called Kaos Theory (we were crap) and then later formed a studio band called Sexagesima (look it up – it’s not what you think). Back in 1999 (that’s last millenium folks) we put together a demo album called Judges where all the songs were based on the book of Judges (from the Bible – great stuff – heaps of violence, betrayal, lust).

Anyway, this morning most of us got together to discuss starting the fun up again. All these guys have kids now except me (we’re getting old) so our lives have moved on from the dreams of rock stardom to the daily need to make a living. But damn it we need some creative outlets in our life. So it’s on again. We are back to writing and recording.

But what I liked was that Greg still has all our original demos on his PC. So, at the great cost of exposing our ‘talent’ I’ve posted a song for the one or two interested people to download (thanks for reading Mum). This is from the 90s so its not gonna be the ‘fresh new sound of today’ but I consider it bearable listening.

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