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Google Knol

What's interesting about Knol (screenshot here), is not the concept (good to see Google playing catchup for a change), but the concerns being raised. A step to far? What are you talking about – they've got a long way to go yet I'm sure. And please don't give me that don't be evil = 51% righteous line…
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Amazon SimpleDB

Amazon has unveiled yet another really cool web offering, this time their SimpleDB web service. As many have observed already the beauty is not in the functionality (it is very simple after all – how did they come up with that name?) but the scalability. And cost. So cheap. As Dave notes, much venture capital raising these days is simply to cater for advanced infrastructure. The rules are...

Volta released

I popped this on the home page of my site last week, but forgot to link to it here. From my site: The recently released Volta CTP is an example of how Microsoft is helping desktop client developers build web applications. Promoted as a 'tier splitting' technology, the compiler helps spread out the application to client and server tiers, tied together with Volta created 'glue'...

I want a Windows Home Server, or do I?

Plenty of blogs about this little baby, but Scott's has some nice piccys. I want one, but I don't really think I'd use it… or is this one of those situations where we look back and wonder how we ever did with out it before…(a la the mobile phone)?
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MVC Contrib

Another CodePlex project, this time a set of assemblies to add functionality to Microsoft's recently released MVC functionality in the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview. Go get it at . Speaking of MVC goodness, Angus McDonald gave us an internal training session on MVC details at Elcom yesterday. He blogs about MVC here. (via Jeffrey Palermo with Eric Hexter)  Technorati Tags: MVC, Jeffrey...

CLARITY: Flash versus Flex versus Silverlight

Summary: Flex is to Adobe as Silverlight is to Microsoft Silverlight is often referred to as Microsoft's version of Flash, however it is more correct to say it is Microsoft's version of Flex. You could say the following… Silverlight 1.0 = Flash Silverlight 2.0 = Flex [UPDATE: Silverlight 1.1 has been re-branded as Silverlight 2.0] Here's a very basic comparison of Flex and...

Zoho now working offline

A step in the right direction, and again Zoho leads the way. They've Google Gears enabled their Zoho Writer, so that it can be used offline. One day all 'online' apps will work offline seamlessly and we'll look back and wonder why this whole 'need to be connected' hurdle was ever designed in the first place. But then again, when that day arrives we'll all probably have...

CLARITY: SaaS versus S+S

If, like me, you'd just assumed that Software + Services (S+S) was Microsoft's way of trying to take over and re-brand an existing concept – namely Software as a Service (SaaS) – then the following diagram is a helpful corrective. It's taken from page 18 of Issue 13 of the Architecture Journal (download here), and is a nice overview of how S+S and SaaS relate to each other...

Amazon Kindle

Amazon has announced their new electronic reader, named Kindle.
What can I say? I want one.
Newsweek talks about it, as does Guy Kawasaki.
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