Jonathan Schwartz is my new hero

I’ve been reading Jonathan’s blog for a while now (he’s the CEO of Sun) because I love his honesty, curiosity and ability to think right outside the square. His latest post on reducing waste by improving efficiency is so simple and common sense as to be jarring – it caught me completely by surprise. I’ll never look at a computer spec the same way again. Technorati...

CeBIT: How to have a ‘sticky’ booth

I was going through a pile of papers and found my notes from CeBIT earlier this year. Yay! I thought I’d lost them. Anyway, back in early May (yikes – was it that long ago?) I attended CeBIT to check out the latest and greatest in the technology stakes. There were a few things that struck me about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of exhibitor’s stands. So I compiled a list...

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