Sydney Windows User Group covers Windows 7 and Touch

Last Wednesday (13 May 2009) we had the first meeting of the newly formed (reformed?) Sydney Windows User Group (SWUG). Nick Rayner and I are leading the group, although to be fair Nick is doing 90% of the work. He’s the initiative, drive and main organizer. And doing a fantastic job I must say. The first meeting was packed and had more interaction amongst attendees than I’ve ever seen in a long...

nsquared Microsoft Surface apps

I thought you might be interested in this video – in it Neil chats with Eric Havir and demonstrates some of the educational apps we’ve been building for Microsoft Surface. The chemistry one at the end of the video is my favourite. It’s a little difficult to make out exactly what is on the screen at times, so make sure you click on the ‘watch in HD’ at the bottom right of the YouTube page to see...

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