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SQL: SQL Server 2008 is a value leader (but in what?)

Benchmarks are like statistics – they are only relevant in context. Take this new TPC-E benchmark from the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) as an example. If you were to read the gushing Microsoft Press Release you’d be forgiven for thinking that SQL Server 2008 topped out the list of all major database vendors in terms of price/performance. Here’s the quote: Of course what they...

SQL 2008 Support in VS2008 SP1

A nice little interview with Milind Lele by Beth Massi, uncovering some of the nice data sync enhancements coming in SP1 (especially if you are connecting to SQL Server 2008). If you haven’t seen this stuff covered before, then this 15 minute overview is worth watching. But treat this as a ‘what’s possible’ not a ‘how to do it’ video. It covers the functionality nicely, but I’m a little concerned...

COMMUNITY: SQL Code Camp – October 11 & 12, 2008

Just a quick note to mention SQL Code Camp (organized by Greg Low) coming up later this year in October . I’ve been to all the Code Camps and SQL Code Camp except one (I missed the very first SQL one) and heartily recommend them. I’ve given my general views on Code Camp in the past, and my opinion is unchanged – these are must-attend events for developers from anywhere in Australia. The...

CLARITY: SQL Server 2008

One of the problems we often encounter is information overload. There’s no shortage of great articles, examples, podcasts and webcasts on every conceivable technology. Microsoft’s products are no different. Thus, the following is comprised of numerous sources easy to find online – there’s no special insight here. Rather, I’ve just simply tried to distill a product to...

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