Apple and Search Engines

There’s been rumours of Apple entering the search engine space for years. Recently the rumours have started up again (via Coywolf). Aaron Wall (SEOBook) details why this is such an important topic to follow.

Bing It On

Definitely one for this year’s ‘the horse has bolted‘ award – Microsoft in their wisdom decided to run a Search Engine taste test. The so-called BingItOn campaign looks like it’s finished now (BingItOn links all redirect back to Bing – with 302s no less) but not before Microsoft managed to announce the amazing result that people prefer Bing results 2 to 1 over...

Location, Search and Google’s Patent

Google’s patent awarded last week for using location in advertising is interesting news (patent details here via VentureBeat). Not because of the dramatic effect (dun, dun, dah) it might have on the industry . No, the key point here is they submitted the patent for consideration back in September 2003. This is significant because it shows the foresight Google has. Sure, the concept of location...

How to explain SEO to cynical developers

Have you ever been involved in the hiring process for your company or team? If you have, then perhaps you’ve been astounded at how terrible the CVs of many highly intelligent candidates you interviewed were. Senior developers who excelled at their craft, were recognised as brilliant by their peers, and yet, couldn’t seem to put together a coherent CV to save themselves. Why? It’s a little like...

Why does Microsoft bother with Internet Explorer?

For a while* now I’ve been wondering what value there is in having web browser market share? Or more specifically, why does Microsoft continue to invest in building their browser. And further, why do they spend money promoting it? You’ll see here in GP’s post that IE8 is a significant strategy for the company (in Australia at least). In a nutshell the question is: What value is there in being the...

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