Why Microsoft needs to ‘own’ WordPress

WordPress running on Windows Azure. You can see it announced, discussed and showcased from the 23:56 minute mark in Ray Ozzie’s opening keynote at Microsoft PDC this week: The reason this is so significant is because it represents an important strategic shift in the ‘yes we do support open source’ talk that Microsoft has been peddling pushing. This announcement is much more than Microsoft just...

Wish item: PDC viewer

One thing I’d like is a special PDC videos viewer. Currently I’m watching most of the videos via Channel 9, and the experience is quite nice. I also have a number of sessions downloaded (and a big thanks to Justin King for saving me tons of bandwidth by burning me a DVD of all his downloads). But in general the experience is so… Web 1.0, and here’s the user experience I’d really like: I’d like to...

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