Australian SharePoint Conference Review

I was fortunate to attend the Australian SharePoint Conference this week (June 16 & 17). This was a surprisingly good conference –  comfortable venue, well organized, top notch speakers, great networking and most importantly a very useful look in detail into SharePoint 2010.  Complaints & Reality There’s always a few things to complain about at a conference eg the air...

Australian SharePoint Conference

As far as well-priced technical conferences go, I think the Australian SharePoint Conference is pretty impressive. It’s $650 + GST for two days, with three tracks, held at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. The speaker line-up ‘aint shabby either. [Note: There’s also a few extras for attendees but I wouldn’t get too excited about them (eg attendees all get a SharePoint Server 2010 hosted site...

Lack of SharePoint professionals? Or lack of Simplicity…

Back in January Oscar Trimboli started a great discussion on whether there was a lack of SharePoint developers in Australia. It’s a good post, and there’s a ton of value in reading the comments –  you’ll hear the thoughts of some of Australia’s best SharePoint minds. As is the case with any technology on a fast growth adoption ride, there’s always going to be a supply versus...

SharePoint 2010 Extravaganza

Perhaps you’ve been hearing a lot about SharePoint 2010 lately… or perhaps not! Most likely the latter because most of the juicy bits have been locked under NDA. Until the SharePoint conference in Las Vegas next week that is! Yes, and once the NDA wrappers are off there’s tons of goodness to talk about. Which is why we’re having a special SharePoint 2010 Extravaganza at the Sydney...

SharePoint links and training

Christian Longstaff links to a bunch of SharePoint posts and sites, the most useful of which (in my opinion) is the SharePoint training resource. I downloaded the Desktop edition. Of course, don't forget the recently released service packs.
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SharePoint SP1 coming soon

SharePoint SP1 is coming soon (ie any day, month or quarter now :-). There's a list of some of the stuff coming in the Service Pack here.Note: by SharePoint we mean both WSS and MOSS. AJAX support is a pretty big enhancement.
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CLARITY: SharePoint – WSS versus MOSS

There's still plenty of confusion out there about SharePoint, particularly around what is included in WSS versus MOSS. Part of the problem is that there is soooo much information about SharePoint that the simple details get lost… So, let's go through the various options, comparing WSS with MOSS Standard and MOSS Enterprise as simply as possible. I'll exclude technicalities (eg...

SharePoint: Comparison of WSS with MOSS

This is an excellent comparison of WSS with SPS2003, MOSS standard and MOSS Enterprise. It is a simple Excel file with worksheets for each of the main components.
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Data protection and recovery for Office SharePoint Server in small to medium deployments

Microsoft white paper on SharePoint data protection. The link will then allow you to download the 3.2MB Word doc (44 pages). A good overview. The doc describes itself as:

This paper describes content recovery, site recovery, and disaster recovery strategies for small to medium-sized deployments of Office SharePoint Server 2007.

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