Heroes Happen at Elcom :-)

As Angus notes, we've got a nice little flash animation on the Elcom web site alerting users to our Community Manager CMS product running on the Microsoft 2008 stack. Here's the details of how we installed and tested, and the result: 500% performance increase. (You read that right – 500%)
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ELCOM: Career Plans for Developers – Part II

Further to my post about career plans for developers at Elcom, I wanted to mention the approach of encouraging staff to build their personal profiles. It can be summed up in this attitude: Your job (as a developer and employee) is to be so good that you are being chased by head-hunters all the time. My job (as Technical Director) is to make the work environment so good that you don't want to...

What does a web CMS do?

I'm not sure if I agree with the simplicity of this, but it does highlight a common misconception about CMS systems. The CMS manages the content of course, but these days it often needs to provide much more 'out of the box'. At Elcom, where I work for example, we are positioning our CMS product as the platform that you build your line of business (LOB) applications on. It needs to...

ELCOM: Career plans for Developers – Part I

Part of my brief at Elcom is to look after all the developers (ie people management). This is something I enjoy, especially when seeing developers grow and improve themselves. During November and December I sat down with each of my staff and started preparing their career plans. It is their responsibility to work out their goals and aspirations, it is my job to facilitate that happening (within...

Is the ECM market ripe for consolidation?

An interesting article from Computerworld on the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space (of which my employer – Elcom – is a major player). Elcom is an ECM company, and we are always grappling with where to best extend our product. Lately we have seen the value of our systems being the platform for a business to run on. Our customisation tends to be in the building of Line of...

ELCOM: More on Windows 2008, SQL 2008, VS 2008

Earlier this week I mentioned Elcom had moved everything over to 2008 (that is, our product – Community Manager.NET – is now targeting .NET 3.5 in Visual Studio 2008, and our site is running on Windows Server 2008 with SQL Server 2008 on the back end). Initial thoughts were that the site was running a bit quicker. Turns out we were wrong. The site is actually running a lot quicker...

Round up of recent Elcom blogs

Brad Marsh has a good post on Windows 2008 firewall settings
Angus McDonald discusses new VB9 stuff
Sam Fu considers the Application Domain
Summer Hu has stacks of stuff, here's an example talking about System.AddIn
Alan Lee talks about Windows Server 2008 RC0
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ELCOM: Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008

Elcom is all 2008. The Elcom web site is now running on a Windows 2008 Server, with SQL Server 2008 as the back-end and Community Manager.NET completely recompiled under Visual Studio 2008 (targeting the 3.5 Framework) delivering the content. Community Manager.NET is Elcom’s content management system (CMS), which we have now re-compiled, tested and released on the .NET 3.5 Framework. Now...

ELCOM: Developers going dark

Microsoft developers (I’m told) have the option to ‘go dark’ at times. At least that’s what Joe Schwetz indicated at a recent Sydney Deep meeting. The aim is to allow them to catch up on projects that are running behind. The process involves killing all distractions (email, blogs, phone calls, IM, etc) and focusing on priorities. I’m sure many software companies use...