Salesforce is doomed. Apparently

This, kids, is why you need to take most opinion pieces on tech blogs – even the respected ones – with a grain of salt. The title – Why Salesforce is the new Blackberry – is a clever title. It certainly got me interested. But then *sigh*, as the post attempted to position Salesforce as being in danger of sudden death – but never clear what causes that death (ie the...

Microsoft, Cloud failure and T-Mobile

Society puts a premium on getting access to ‘news’ as quickly as possible. The person who breaks the story first gets the rewards. Speed to market trumps quality delivered to market every time. It’s a shame really. Take the T-Mobile debacle as an example. The story kicked off two weeks ago, but hit fever pitch last Saturday with news from TechCrunch of T-Mobile losing all customer data and thus:...

RECAP: Ray Ozzie on Internet Services and Mesh

Just a quick post to note these links to Ray Ozzie’s previous memos: From November 2005: The Internet Services Disruption From April 2008: Services Strategy Update As I re-read them this morning, I was struck by how much easier it is to understand ‘vision’ in hindsight :-) Well worth reviewing yourself if you glossed over their impact the first time (as I did). (Thanks to Grant for reminding me...

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