Andrew Coates has his head in the clouds ;)

Loved this little animated feature from Andrew Coates on the benefits of using the platform – if someone’s done the heavy lifting for you, then why not use it. Don’t worry about putting your own kids down the well .
Available on Ch9 here. Andrew’s original Standing on the Shoulders of Giants piece here.

Azure in Australia

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Azure launch in Australia, if for no other reason than finally learning what the proper pronunciation is :-) Is it a-zue-er or is it azsh-or ? Tuesday Feb 23 in Sydney is the official launch. Mark your calendars! But for added goodness, get along to a user group and hear David Lemphers talk about it non-stop (that’s right he scales!). Andrew Coates has all...

Why Microsoft needs to ‘own’ WordPress

WordPress running on Windows Azure. You can see it announced, discussed and showcased from the 23:56 minute mark in Ray Ozzie’s opening keynote at Microsoft PDC this week: The reason this is so significant is because it represents an important strategic shift in the ‘yes we do support open source’ talk that Microsoft has been peddling pushing. This announcement is much more than Microsoft...