BOOK: How to run a user group


This is a promo post for Greg Low’s new book on running user groups. Greg is a Microsoft Regional Director down under and a SQL Server MVP. He’s also run (and still runs) some very successful (by which I mean extremely helpful to the community) user groups.

He’s written a few books, but the one I want to recommend is this one: Building Technical User Communities. Greg was kind enough to send me the complete book (as a draft) last week in the lead up to kicking off SBT UG. The book is packed with down to earth, common sense, well thought out, learned from experience, salient advice. I used great chunks of the book to guide the UG on Wednesday. It was invaluable and perfectly timed too!

I think Greg is pretty amazing, so I’m of course biased. Thus, could I please ask a few (thousand) people to buy copies and let me know if I’m wrong about this one?

You can pre-order it on Amazon today. (Also available from the Rational Press site but frankly I found their site woeful – where’s the Search function for goodness sake?)

[Greg also has a book on the SQL CLR, but I haven’t read it yet.]

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