BizTech: Announcing the Sydney Business & Technology User Group (SBT UG)


I’d like to announce the new Sydney Business & Technology User Group, commencing next Wednesday 30 May 2007.

For those who want to cut to the chase, go the web site here:

Who is it for?

The new group is designed for senior developers, team leaders, software managers and software company owners. As such the talks are geared for that audience, but everyone is of course welcome.

What level are the talks?

The talks are high level. This means they are NOT in depth technical talks delving into code (there are plenty of other user groups covering this well). The aim is to give managers clarity on the many different technologies (primarily focussed on Microsoft products) available and answer questions like: Is this technology or product relevant/helpful to my business? Where should I use it? When can I use it? How much will licensing/developing with it cost? And so forth. There will also be sessions on general business topics (eg sales, marketing, PR, IP, trademarks, insurances etc). See the site for a full list of the suggested topics coming up.

Where is it held?

The group will initially be held at Microsoft Headquarters at North Ryde, Sydney. See the web site for full details. This location may change based on feedback from attendees and potential attendees eg it may be more appropriate to meet in the Sydney CBD.

When is it on?

Initially we will be meeting on the last Wednesday of every month, starting at 6:30pm. Again, this may change based on attendee feedback.

How can I make a suggestion?

We have a quick survey (60 seconds) on the site, so please let me know what you would like to see at the UG.

How do I stay informed?

Please sign up on the site, and I will email you once a month (on average) with a reminder and details of upcoming sessions.

How much does it cost?

Free to attend – all I ask is that you hand me one of your business cards on arrival.

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