Adobe Infinite Images and Deep Earth


Adobe has been experimenting with it’s own image navigation & stitching together technology, and Infinite Images is the latest demonstration of it (see here for the ReadWriteWeb article).

You, me and every other Microsoft watcher will immediately see shades of Deep Zoom and perhaps a little Photosynth in this.

What’s cool about the the Adobe system is how it uses tagging (based on characteristics of the images) to provide an endless linkage between them. It’s pretty cool, and you probably need to see the video to understand what I’m talking about. The main difference between this and say Photosynth is that with Photosynth you provide the images and tell it which ones to stitch together, whereas with Infinite Images it looks at all your photos and works out which ones to stitch together. At least that’s what it seemed like from the demo.

DeepEarthBut it also reminds me of other uses. It’s kind of like how when you link an endless supply of, say, map images together with geo-tagging and then enable them to seamlessly blend into each other! Amazing. It’s called DeepEarth, and it’s on CodePlex now. John O’Brien (and the gang) has been working hard (check out his sample site here).

Oh, and speaking of Deep Zoom, there’s a new Deep Zoom composer that’s just been released.


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By Craig Bailey