A better version of yourself


One of the things that has stuck with me from Seth Godin’s book – This is Marketing – is that deep down people just want to be better versions of themselves.

It seems a little odd at first, but think it through, and it’ll likely resonate.

This is useful for marketing, and also for being a better marketer.

Based on this, one of the things I’ll say to clients is that part of my job is to help them be better versions of themselves (as marketers). Yes, I really say that.

It sounds weird I guess, arrogant perhaps, but hear me out.

So often we’re bombarded with amazingly successful marketers and their incredible marketing campaigns. There are any number of ‘rockstars of marketing’ out there. Or so it seems.

And that can make us despondent. We think we need to be at their rank of celebrity, at their calibre of impact, at their level of confidence…

It’s exhausting.

There’s a better way though. Just be a better version of yourself. Even just a little bit better.

Learn something new (it doesn’t have to be huge). Test something a little further. Think through a campaign a little bit deeper. Be a little less harsh on yourself. Be a little bit better (effective, productive, kinder, etc) than you were yesterday.

Take inspiration from others about what is achievable. But be realistic about your plan. Don’t spend too much time comparing yourself to others, instead compare yourself today to who you were yesterday.

Incremental improvement compounds.

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By Craig Bailey