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Bing It On

Definitely one for this year’s ‘the horse has bolted’ award – Microsoft in their wisdom decided to run a Search Engine taste test. The so-called BingItOn campaign looks like it’s finished now (BingItOn links all redirect back to Bing – with 302s no less) but not before Microsoft managed to announce the amazing result that people prefer Bing results 2 to 1 over Google. I was hoping for some further updates, but the (perhaps ironically named) Search Quality blog is yet to deliver…

It’s a sad day when Bing wastes money like this, especially when Michael Kordahi did the same thing so much better back in 2009, and RustyBrick did a similar thing back in […]

Microsoft Street Slide

I love the stuff Microsoft is doing with it’s mapping technology lately. This latest one from Microsoft Research is particularly impressive. It’s called Microsoft Street Slide (not to be confused with Microsoft Streetside) and takes the whole photo stitching paradigm another step forward. It’s best explained in the following video, but in a nutshell it allows you to navigate maps via ‘immersive 360 degree panoramas’. You ‘slide’ up and down streets via a very smooth panorama interface: The obvious question is whether this will make it into mainstream inclusion in Bing. I hope it does. It was unveiled at SIGGRAPH this week (perhaps as part of this) but that doesn’t necessarily […]

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Bing with Mark Vozzo at SBTUG

It’s going to be interesting to see what the Bing team have been up to lately – this Wed at SBTUG Mark Vozzo is going to be covering all the new stuff in Bing. He’ll be on after the pizza break (remember we have Gary Hayes talking about Augmented Reality in the first session). One of my frustrations with Bing is that most of their new stuff doesn’t show in Australia – it is US only, meaning you have to change your region in order to view it. And even then it won’t always work – for example, I still can’t get the Bing app on my iPhone. It’s a strange move by the […]

Bing Webmaster Blog

It’s good to see the Bing Webmaster Center Blog picking up. I’ve been following Rick DeJarnette’s posts more closely lately – he’s putting out some good stuff. I thought it worth highlighting a few examples: SEO for Silverlight SEO Site Review tips – Part 1 SEO Site Review tips – Part 2 Chasing the Long Tail with Keyword Research It’s not all good though – try to avoid any posts that refer to ‘discussions’ on the Bing forums – there’s so much bad advice and busy work getting pumped out there it’s not funny (example). Oh, and […]

Search as an Experience

It’s easy to think of search (ie searching on Google or Bing) as simply a (boring) research activity. And in turn, to think that all the innovation in search is about providing a ‘better’ result. But what does ‘better’ mean when it comes to search? Joseph Pine’s TED talk on what consumers want is a good insight into how the search game is changing (and hat tip to Michael Gray for the link and thought). Joseph’s talk is from 2004, but his point is relevant now. It’s essentially this: people want an experience. And they want an experience with authenticity. Consider how the UX and designer communities have grown in […]

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