Facebook Strategy

Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Best Brand Building Advice Ever: Go Where Your Customers Are.
Facebook is a key destination for many of your customers. Tap into it.

Use Facebook as a key source of traffic, prospects and customers. Using company branded ‘Fan’ Pages, coupled with compelling offers and Facebook advertising, you can gain a competitive advantage in your niche.

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are the key to building your company’s brand on Facebook.
I’ll create your Facebook page, add automatic importing from Twitter and your Blog (if appropriate) and ensure it is easy to find via search engines.

Facebook Tabs

A compelling ‘landing tab’ on your Facebook page is important for gaining ‘Likes’.
Using custom FBML code your landing tab can display one message to fans, and other to non-fans, allowing us to tailor special offers to your fan base.

Facebook Widgets

Integrating Facebook into your web site is very effective for growing a community around your business. Using Facebook Social Plugins, your fans can share content from your site with their friends, further increasing your reach.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads: the world’s most powerful advertising platform in terms of demographic targeting. Due to the vast demographic data Facebook has access to you can finely tune your advertising to just the key market you are interested in.


Facebook Page Tips

1. Create specific ‘landing tabs’

2. Only show offers to people who ‘Like’

3. By default don’t send to your Wall

4. Send to custom ‘landing tabs’

Facebook Advertising Tips

1. Images are key – test a variety

2. Use dark images – they standout better

3. Test each age group separately

4. Change ads regularly – they go ‘stale’

5. Target friends of existing fans

6. Point to tailored ‘landing tabs’

“Craig is always contactable and responds quickly to email, addressing any issues with the greatest efficiency. I have no hesitation in recommending his services, and have already done so to many of my colleagues.”

– Samantha Coates, Sydney

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