This page is a little old now, since I’ve generally been redirecting my work and consulting services to be via my XEN Systems digital agency site (I’m the founder and Technical Director of XEN). There’s also a little about my history here, and some more personal details here.

But it’s still worth spending a few minutes here giving you a quick overview of what I do:

In a nutshell, at XEN, we help companies with their online strategy and implementation. This tends to cover the strategy for their business in terms of online, and then implementing it via various channels.

You’ve probably heard of SEO (search engine optimisation), SEM (search engine marketing eg the paid advertising side of things) and Social (eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc).

That’s part of what we do, integrated as part of an overall content marketing and content promotion approach.

We also specialise in a few things. For example, we tend to do a lot of work with elcomCMS – in part because I was the technical director there for a few years and got to know the product and team really well. It’s an excellent CMS and I love working with the clients that use it.

A general engagement would be to go over a client’s main business goals and look at how the online side of things is going to help them achieve that.

We then manage as little or as much of that as the client needs. We manage the entire content creation and overall content marketing strategy for some clients, where as for others it might just be some consulting advice about the optimisation of content.

We manage landing pages for sites, integrate them in with marketing automation systems (eg Hubspot, InfusionSoft, Marketo, ClickDimensions to name a few) and email marketing platforms (eg MailChimp. Campaign Monitor). There’s always a focus on data and analytics – likely because that’s my background (ie data analysis) – to ensure that everything you’re doing online is measurable and incrementally improving each month.

Sometimes we’re involved in web audits for clients (eg if they want a refresher on their site’s effectiveness), other times it’s a complete web redevelopment project.

We’re also heavily involved in the promotion of sites, whether through outreach, paid advertising, or social reach. We’re experienced with a number of the advertising platforms (including Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, Perfect Audience, Outbrain) as well the latest approaches eg we’re currently getting a lot of success with remarketing campaigns (you know, those ads that follow you around the web).

Anyway, that’s probably enough for now, for full details of all the services we offer, please check out our XEN Services page.