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TFS licensing change in TFS 2008

Thanks to Brian Harry for highlighting how they are greatly improving the value of TFS licensing. For work item logging, your entire company can now log items without needing any additional CALs (you'll need to have the Standard Edition though).
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TFS migration tool

Brian Harry and Jeff Beehler outline the new TFS-to-TFS migration tool.
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TFS best practice guide

I've already linked to this in the past but as Jeff Beehler notes, the word doesn't seem to have got out loud enough. The full 496 page PDF document provides guidance on how to setup, maintain and use TFS, and is available from CodePlex here. The full content is also available on MSDN. The guide also covers TFS2008 which is coming soon. BTW Pinched straight from the TFS guide, here is a...


This has got to be one of the most exciting new services this year: Readify has announced their new hosted TFS service: TFS Now. Mitch Denny has the lowdown.
Hosted Team Foundation Server for $995 per month for 5 users.
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