Silverlight 2 Beta 1 Controls Source code released

Not only does the download (a whopping 687 KB :-) include all the source code for the S2B1 controls, but also all the unit tests. Check out Brad’s post for other useful links as well. Like this one from Shawn Burke which gives a nice overview.
(via Brad Abrams)
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Video.Show 1.0 released

Jon Galloway gives us the low down on this really cool application. It uses Silverlight Streaming, AJAX Toolkit and .NET 3.5 and other goodness, and describes itself as delivering YouTube-in-a-box.
(Note, you'll need Expression Encoder installed)
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.Net roadmap

A nice summary from Scott Guthrie about where ASP.NET, Silverlight and IIS7 are heading. I'm continually stunned at how productive Scott's team are – they seem to be pumping out new (and useful) stuff all the time.
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Silverlight 1.1 is now 2.0

Tim Sneath give us the lowdown on why Silverlight will be released as 2.0. Personally I think it is the right decision. There is heaps of new stuff coming and calling it 1.1 is misleading.
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TECHED: Why Silverlight?

What an awesome end to the day. I’m already sold on the whole Silverlight concept, but this session was an eye opener. Joe Stegman impressed, with a slickly crafted presentation, perfectly delivered. No woffle or hype, just demo after demo of Silverlight goodness.Part of the attraction of Silverlight is how it opens up the programming of media and interaction via Visual Studio (admittedly...