TECHED: Why SharePoint Branding and Customization?

Why SharePoint Branding?Answer: Because we can. Finally. Yes, the customization ‘features’ of SharePoint have been well criticised for a while, so it is good to see that branding and formatting is now a simple combination of master page changes and CSS. Not that it is trivial, but as Kathy Hughes covered (extremely well I might add) in her session, it is very straight forward once you...

SHAREPOINT: Beginner’s guide

A few Fox people have asked me lately about SharePoint, and how to get started with it. This might seem strange given how much push it is getting from Microsoft, but perhaps this is another case of having tooooo much information to sift through. Sometimes it can be too overwhelming. (Note: I am not a SharePoint expert – this is early days for me too) Anyway, here's a few resources to...

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