1000 posts

Huh, I happened to notice this when logging in today – I’ve written 1000 posts on this site now (this post will be 1001). Not that big a deal in the scheme of things I guess, but was a pleasant surprise to me anyway.

Checking my Archive, it looks like I started blogging back in June 2004, so that’s almost ten years.

Behind on blogs – too much information

Following on from my last post, it’s interesting to see how far behind I’ve drifted in my blog reading over the last few weeks. Over 50K unread posts… Even TechCrunch (my first blog stop every day) has 215 unread posts. A number of these will be easily dismissed (eg I subscribe to general feeds like TechMeme, BlogRunner and VentureBeat) but in the main the feeds I follow are...

Round up of recent Elcom blogs

Brad Marsh has a good post on Windows 2008 firewall settings
Angus McDonald discusses new VB9 stuff
Sam Fu considers the Application Domain
Summer Hu has stacks of stuff, here's an example talking about System.AddIn
Alan Lee talks about Windows Server 2008 RC0
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PERSONAL: Why have a link blog?

A few people have asked me why I now have a link blog (URL here, RSS here). There are a few reasons. The main reason is the signal to noise ratio. Here on my main blog, I like to keep the S/N ratio pretty high. I try to consider posts carefully before posting them, and will generally stand by my assertions (unless proven wrong, in which case I’ll happily recant). I’d like to think...