Another reason why I love Amazon

I read a lot of fiction on Kindle. Most books I love. Yesterday I finished a book (I won’t mention which one) and absolutely hated the ending. It was a detective story and in the end the book’s protagonist dies, and the murderer gets away. Justice does not prevail. I loathe books like that. Although I won’t get those hours of my life back, I did get my money back. Straight onto...

Alexa, Siri, Google allow opt out of human listening

Not before time (via Bloomberg): Inc. will let Alexa users opt out of human review of their voice recordings, a move that follows criticism that the program violated customers’ privacy. emphasis mine Apple has actioned this just recently, and Google has (in EU at least) as well. Still not right that people can opt out (ie they need to take the initiative) – this should be an opt...

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