OzFox Rocks Episode 4
Community - From Reactive to Proactive

Welcome to the fourth episode of OzFoxRocks!
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In this show we discuss the Visual FoxPro community, looking at what we think it is doing right, what it could be doing better, and some suggestions for the future.

Download the episode here (48.70 MB)

Time listing

00:20 Welcome
00:37 Intro

01:05 What is the Community doing right?
01:10 Forums - eg Universal Thread
01:53 Blogs - plus discussion on linking
04:56 Newer formats - Screencasts + Skypecasts
07:45 Conferences - GLGDW06 + FoxForward + SouthWestFox
09:32 Downloads
10:07 Utilities
13:04 Summary

13:59 Areas for improvement - From Reactive to Proactive
15:10 Promoting our applications
18:40 Being Inward looking is a short path to extinction
20:09 Focus on Better design

27:46 Suggestions for the future
28:32 Perception is everything
31:45 Controls to use - check out SednaX
32:20 Good design
33:30 Join the wider community
34:17 Helping other communities
36:10 Use your broad skill set to help others
36:52 Pave the Way I
40:00 Pave the Way II
43:10 Will Sanders College Internship program

44:40 VFP Express Or VFP for Free?
45:43 Ride the TFS wave
51:02 Promote VFP as a Helper tool

52:15 Summary
52:50 Signoff

One for Unity by Wildland
This episode has a grab from the song One for Unity by Australian band Wildland. I saw Wildland give a great show at The Great Northern Hotel one time (the same place I saw Girl Overboard - see Episode 2).
The bass player, Dorian West was my trumpet teacher when I was at High School. Although Wildland only ever had one album, the members have all been in tons of other bands over the years.
Sadly I can't find anywhere to buy their album these days - I am lucky enough to have a copy of the CD autographed by the whole band.

Each show we will feature a grab from a favourite song. The criteria for the song selection is this:
Must be an Australian band, and preferably from Sydney
Must be from the 1980's
Must be a band we have seen live

Questions? Please contact Craig Bailey.

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