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VFP: OzFox 2007 photos

I’m way behind on my post conference posts, but here’s a few photos in the interim:

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VFP: OzFox 2007 Keynote

Rick Schummer opens the keynote with an overview of the Sedna and SP2 CTPs. The Sedna enhancements include a whole bunch of stuff, let’s go through some of them. First up Rick demonstrated the enhancements in the data Explorer. Beginning with the new optuins form, he highlighted the showplan option. You can picj the location of the upsizing wizard, which allows you to interchange and use...

VFP: Dick Cheney pulls out of OzFox

In a shock announcement, Dick Cheney has pulled out of attending OzFox this weekend. Cheney, a passionate Visual FoxPro supporter, had hoped to attend the OzFox conference, but after being greeted with protesters and abuse upon his arrival to Sydney, the US Vice-President decided it would be inappropriate to attend, and instead cut short his visit (now leaving on Sunday). In a statement released...

VFP: Sedna February CTP released

Milind’s February letter points us to the latest Sedna CTP release You beauty! Just in time for OzFox. I wonder if I can get this onto all the conference memory sticks in time… The most interesting part of the release is the new Vista common dialogs – can’t wait to see it in action (attention: plug for OzFox keynote in progress :-) Technorati tags: Visual FoxPro, OzFox...

VFP: OzFox 2007 is only 3 days away

That’s right folks, only a few days to go until the FoxPro mayhem starts… One thing I’m really glad about is that we’ve easily covered all our costs this time! This might sound strange, but as some know, last time I ran the conference we made a big loss. Much of this was my fault and I’m especially thankful that Peter (Talman’s MD) has given me...

VFP: Goran Zidar Tab Menus update

Yet another update from Goran of his Tab Menus concept. This one (which again I have to admit I haven’t had a chance to look at yet :-) has updates to both the code and doco, plus a script for generating the code to make the menus work.

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VFP: Code focus – Sedna Beyond VFP 9

This has already been blogged about by a few but I’m happy to add to the linking. Code focus has released their Sedna based issues. Check it out here: You can download the magazine as a PDF, but note that this only has summaries for some of the articles (eg Craig Boyd’s). The full articles are available as separate links. Make sure you visit each article online. You can also download...

VFP: OzFox Xbox room

I think I forgot to mention this little tidbit: Yes, the Xbox room is back at OzFox 2007 this year!
Thanks to Andrew Coates and Microsoft, we’ll have a number of Xbox 360s and big plasma screens. There’s gonna be some very tired people at OzFox!
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VFP: More on Goran Zidar’s TabMenus – source here

Well this guy doesn’t muck around… Goran’s already delivered an update to the TabMenus prototype announced last night. This time it includes source and a Word doc tutorial. Download it from here (1.4 MB): Disclaimer: Now, I have to admit that I haven’t checked this version out myself yet – I’ve only had a quick scan of the Word doc. But given how busy...

VFP: Goran Zidar’s TabMenus

Goran Zidar, a Melbourne based VFP developer, emailed me a prototype of his TabMenus tool. Basically it emulates an Office 2007 style ribbon in VFP. He asks whether there might be interest in him and his colleagues extending it and making it available to the community? You betcha is what I said. From TabMenus Hopefully if there’s enough comments we can convince Goran to get an enhanced...

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