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Windows 7

The price of a useful enhancement

What larks! I wonder what metrics Microsoft uses to calculate the benefit of a new feature. Take the new battery notifications messages added in Windows 7 for example. On paper, and during testing, that must have seemed like a useful feature to have in the product – it certainly seems useful to me. Instead, when the feature actually worked as it was supposed to it turned out to be a mini PR issue for the company, as sites reporting that ‘Microsoft is investigating battery notification issues…’ steadily appeared. Of course there’s nothing wrong with reporting that there might be an issue (thankfully it didn’t turn into the sky-is-falling fiasco of […]

Windows 7 Launch

Or more correctly: The Jeff Putt Show   What you would do if you had to organise a product launch? How would you structure it? You’d probably get marketing to pump out a few of the pretty videos, crank the upbeat motivating soundtracks and speed through the nice photo slideshows. But then, what would you focus on? Would you put the Managing Director of the company up first. Yes, you would. What would you have them talk about? Well, you’d make sure they mention how excited they are, and how thankful they are for the input of many of those in the audience who were involved in the beta program […]

Install Windows 7 from a USB stick

I’m really enjoying Windows 7, it’s a little nicer to use, it’s pretty stable, and most importantly everything just works (well, except for Sleep mode on my Toshiba, but I suspect that’s a graphics driver issue and not necessarily a Windows 7 one – but hey, that’s what Beta versions are for right? To iron out these issues). Now, you may have a hurdle installing Windows 7 on a few devices which don’t have DVD players. If that’s your issue, then this video by Dennis Chung will help. In it he explains how to install Windows 7 with a USB key. Now, I don’t have that scenario, so I initially thought the […]

Windows 7 Secrets

There’s been a few people linking to this excellent list of Windows 7 Secrets by Tim Sneath. And rightly so, it’s a great help. As @digory noted, there’s details of how to get IM back to the status bar (where it belongs!). But there’s other gems as well, like how to open a second instance of an already running app (Tip 19 – Shift click it on your task bar) and how to walk through the taskbar (Tip 21 – Win+T and use arrow keys). Jump over here to take a peek now. And no, I’m still in the dark as to the fish joke… Technorati […]

Running Google Chrome on Windows 7 Beta 1

If you are having trouble running Chrome on Windows 7 then chances are you are running the 64bit version of Windows 7. The solution is pretty simple. I’ve put it below, and note that it is almost entirely copied from Sandip’s BlogsDNA blog here – I’ve simply incorporated some of the comments into the screenshot. Right click on your Google Chrome icon and bring up the properties. Add –in-process-plugins to the target field (after the chrome.exe). Note, that there are two dashes at the start there (not one long one). For example, my complete target is as follows: "C:\Users\Craig Bailey\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" –in-process-plugins Click Apply and run […]