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Bill Gates interview in Rolling Stone

Hopefully you’ve already seen this wonderful interview with Bill Gates in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. If not, then it’s well worth a read.

Top marks to the interviewer – a great bunch of questions (and so much better than the cringe-worthy questions Bill’s had to endure in the past). As always Bill is such a clear and useful thinker who answers so eloquently.

I’m tempted to include a few of the choice quotes here, but to do that I’d basically have to post the entire interview – every answer is good. So just go read it.

And when you’re finished there, make sure you read (or re-read) his recent Gates Notes letter (from early Feb). I’m […]

Virtualisation Smackdown next Wed 26 August

I’m pretty excited, I gotta say, about this month’s Sydney Business & Technology User Group meeting – we’re having a Virtualisation Smackdown! It’s this coming Wednesday, starting at 6pm.

Here’s the details:

Date: Wed 26 August 2009
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Location: Microsoft, North Ryde (map)
Phone: 0413 489 388 (call me if you get there after 6pm and need to get it)
RSVP on Facebook (or email me)

Smackdown, Schhhmackdown!
What this means – for the smackdown uninitiated – is that we have a panel of speakers (6 in our case) each present on a different virtualisation product. We’ve got Citrix coming along, VMware, and Microsoft each presenting on a few of their products. The smackdown term came to […]

Microsoft iPhone Apps

As Mashable and TechCrunch report, Microsoft is testing the waters with the iPhone App market, releasing a a little app: Seadragon Mobile (here’s the official announcement on the Live Labs blog). The app (available for free on iTunes App Store, allows you to browse Deep Zoom images effortlessly. Check out the simple 42 second demo on the blog. And for more on Seadragon itself, check this out. Technorati Tags: iPhone,Seadragon,Deep Zoom

Parallel Computing

Boring history prologue I started playing with ‘computers’ back in the days when they came with 3K of memory (Vic 20 anyone?). And thank goodness I was too young to have experienced the punch card era… They quickly scaled up so that by the time I was at uni, 16MB of RAM was becoming standard. Fast forward to today and we can buy consumer notebooks with 16GB of RAM. Never in our wildest uni dreams did we think we’d have Gigabytes of memory to play with. Today’s equivalent Perhaps the equivalent of my uni experience for today’s student is the number of cores in a machine. In the future they’ll look […]

TECHED: Lock note – Predicting the next 10 years in IT

Easily the best TechEd lock note I’ve seen (but then again I’ve only been to TechEd 4 times). Miha Kralj talked us through the technology changes we’ll be seeing over the next few years. If you get a chance to see his presentation (I’m sure it will be repeated at other events, or put up on a video site somewhere) make sure you do – it is well worth it. It’s difficult to do the session justice, so I’ll just post a few info-bytes and comments he made.   What went wrong at IBM? Having previously worked at IBM (and through the problems they went through) […]

ISP: iiNet spreads the love

I’m not really one for writing critical posts – frankly I just don’t have the energy…

But I’m also not really one for saying thank you either – and this is something I really should be doing more of.

Sure, there’s heaps of minor irritations every day, but in the scheme of things I think I’ve got it pretty good.

And on top of all the big good things I’m lucky enough to enjoy, I seem to get more than my fair share of little good things too.

Here’s a simple example. iiNet, my ISP ever since I switched to broadband all those years ago (5+ probably), sent me a little email tonight letting me know they’ve […]

OPINION: The Death of Gen Y

The whole Gen Y thing really intrigues me.

On one hand I think the concept behind Gen Y is a complete myth, and on the other I think there is something compelling we can learn from.

In this post I cover the following:

why Gen Y is a useless categorisation
why I think the IT crash is coming soon
why Gen Y will be especially disadvantaged, and
some suggestions for how we can all best survive.


What the hell is Gen Y?

First some clarifications. 

What is Gen Y? Ask this question and you'll get a variety of answers. Many will stick to definitions (eg they are born after 1980), most will point to (or […]

Grand Theft Auto 4 sells $500M in first week

Yep, half a billion. Not that anyone really needed convincing, but computer games are big business. This one eclipsed the record set by Halo 3 last year. And games are only going to get better. Interestingly – but I can’t find the reference (send me the link if you know it) – I was told last week that the average age of a gamer these days is 37 (this link from 2 years ago pegs it at 33). Technorati Tags: Grand Theft Auto,Computer Games

Important Microsoft announcement… about Mouses

I’m assuming you subscribe to Microsoft’s Press Release feed right? Well, for the one, or possibly two people world wide who don’t, I just wanted to make sure you are alerted to this highly important development. You will be overjoyed to learn that the Wireless Optical Notebook Mouse 3000 will be available in five colours as of May. And not any old colours. But ‘fashionable’ colours no less. Technorati Tags: Devastatingly important mouse news

SitePoint HTML and CSS References

You’ve no doubt used SitePoint before. So I probably don’t need to tell you about their excellent CSS Reference. And it’d be silly to think you don’t also know about their freshly released HTML Reference. Great resources. Technorati Tags: SitePoint, CSS, HTML, Reference