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Google Instant Roundup

It’s been a week now since Google Instant hit the news desks of IT blogs everywhere. I’ve started getting a few questions from clients and friends about it, so I thought I’d put together a simple collection of recommended links, and finish off with some of my thoughts. There’s been tons of discussion of course, but for a good summary of the main points, the following 4 or 5 posts will serve you well: SEObook – How Google Instant Changes the SEO Landscape Aaron Wall has a good overview of the announcement and summary of the main effects (and if you are an SEObook member a very detailed analysis inside) as […]

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All About Microsoft promoting Google Apps

Google certainly knows how to get it’s advertising in the right place. Take this piece on the ‘All About Microsoft’ blog (one of my favourite blogs by the way – Mary-Jo is a bit of personal hero of mine). It’s a post about Microsoft’s recent white paper (PDF) on improved efficiency in their datacenters. It’s a great result btw – 25% improvements in energy efficiency in some of their existing datacenters – but that’s not what interests me here. Instead check out the big Google ad, all beautifully tailored to fit into the zdnet site. And it gets better. Clicking on the little plus sign in the top right displays […]

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Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

Just realised I hadn’t posted this presentation I gave at the NSW.NET event last month. I was lucky enough to be presenting after Mark Vozzo who gave an excellent introduction to SEO, so my session on SEM flowed on nicely. In the SEM presentation (embedded below) I went through the following main points: How SEO and SEM work together (and covered the various definitions of SEM) Why you should use paid search to complement your SEO activities Advice on using AdWords effectively including coverage of 3 useful strategies: tight […]

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Using Excel 2010 Sparklines to Analyse Google Analytics

Seriously, how would businesses survive if it weren’t for Excel? :-) Excel is perfect for analysing analytics data in a variety of ways (eg using Pivot tables and Conditional formatting) and it keeps getting better. I’m loving Office 2010 and Excel 2010 in particular – it’s just beautiful to use. In this post I want to highlight one of the ‘tiny’ new things in  Excel 2010 that I love. It’s the new Sparklines feature. In a nutshell Sparklines allow you to analyse a range of data and display tiny trend graphs. They’re very handy for spotting correlating trends. Here’s a simple (contrived) example:   In this post I’ll […]


I’m excited to be presenting with Mark Vozzo (<- SEO guru) at this month’s NSW.NET meeting. It’s on this coming Thursday morning, June 24. You can register here. The event is in two parts. Mark will be covering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for 30 minutes, and then after breakfast I’ll cover Search Engine Marketing (SEM). To give you a quick introduction to the event, consider the following screenshots* from Google and Bing. In the green you’ll see organic search engine results, in the red you’ll see the paid ads (eg via Google AdWords)   Here’s how it looks in Bing: In […]