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TIP: How to uninstall IE8

If, like me, you rushed out and installed Internet Explorer 8 last week, then you may, like me again, be regretting it.

IE8 has been slow, unstable and ugly. By ugly I mean that most of the sites I viewed looked really bad (or didn't render at all). The price of progress you may say? After all, the push is on for better standards compliance right? Unfortunately, the IE8 Beta 1 release seems to have been rushed out the door without proper testing, and more importantly, without the proper user preparation – users need to be informed of the potential issues and in effect, properly change managed.

When is a Beta a Beta?

Short […]

TIP: Problems with hidden Adobe download install files

PROBLEM: Adobe Download Manager hides files on your hard disk. As a result your install doesn't work, and further you can't find the hidden files to delete them.

SOLUTION: Find the hidden files underneath the \Temporary Internet Files\ directory


If you've downloaded an Adobe product lately using their Download Manager you might have got frustrated because you suddenly found yourself with way less hard disk space than you thought you would.

This is because Adobe in their wisdom, hide the download files in a hidden virtualized directory underneath your Temporary Internet Files directory. The don't tell you this of course, so whilst you think it's downloading into:


it is actually downloading into something like this:

\\localhost\C$\@GMT-2008.02.08-02.59.35\Users\craigb\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Virtualized\C\Users\craigb\Downloads\Adobe\Premiere\

I'm […]

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CLARITY: SharePoint – WSS versus MOSS

There's still plenty of confusion out there about SharePoint, particularly around what is included in WSS versus MOSS. Part of the problem is that there is soooo much information about SharePoint that the simple details get lost…

So, let's go through the various options, comparing WSS with MOSS Standard and MOSS Enterprise as simply as possible. I'll exclude technicalities (eg that you need R2 of W2K3 etc) and just focus on the main points.

Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)

Currently in version 3.0, WSS is a free add-on to Windows 2003 Server. WSS is the foundation of SharePoint. It provides a stack of features (or services), including document management & collaboration, Wikis, Blogs, RSS feeds, […]

COMMUNITY: Are events worth the cost?

Q: Is it worth going to community events like SQL Code Camp?

A: Yes – read on for explanation…

SQL Code Camp 13-14 October 2007

When considering any developer event these days it is important to calculate whether you are getting good value. With so much content available online, we need to evaluate the costs (financial, comfort, time and otherwise) involved in traveling to a venue to learn similar information. The greatest cost is of course in personal time. These days I put an hourly $ value on my time and use it to compare options. Sounds clinical and selfish perhaps, but is primarily an attitude of considering yourself as your own personal business – you need […]

SHAREPOINT: Beginner’s guide

A few Fox people have asked me lately about SharePoint, and how to get started with it. This might seem strange given how much push it is getting from Microsoft, but perhaps this is another case of having tooooo much information to sift through. Sometimes it can be too overwhelming.

(Note: I am not a SharePoint expert – this is early days for me too)

Anyway, here's a few resources to get started:


TechRepublic overview article of SharePoint 2007 (excellent summary – outlines the developer tools you'll need to use)
SharePoint Server 2007 Licensing costs (be warned, this is not a cheap product)
SharePoint product licensing scenarios (warning – it can get complex)
Microsoft white paper outlining their internal global […]

VPC: Mouse issues running W2K3 under Virtual PC 2007

Solution: Set Hardware Acceleration to Full

Problem: My mouse movement was really sluggish in a VPC running Windows 2003 R2 (but other OSes are fine)

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Paul Adare on the Microsoft Newsgroup for sorting this one out

Here's the steps:

Right click on Desktop, select Display Properties

Settings Tab

Advanced Button

Troubleshoot Tab

Slide the Hardware Acceleration tab to Full

VFP: How to make Visual FoxPro cool

VFP: How to make Visual FoxPro cool

In case you hadn’t noticed, Visual FoxPro (VFP) is not very ‘cool’. In this post my aim is to cover 3 areas:

1. Why VFP isn’t cool
2. Why it matters
3. How we can make VFP cool

1. Why VFP isn’t cool
OK, so the first thing we need to agree on is that VFP is not cool. I’ve been chatting with a few people in the .Net space lately (including Adam Cogan and Paul Stovell) about their thoughts on VFP. I’ve concentrated on developers who have never used VFP because they can offer the most useful opinions (as opposed to say VFP/.Net developers who are pretty well aware of what VFP […]