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Don’t be the weakest link

An interesting comment by Chris Evans, a Google security engineer for the Chrome browser, at the recent Pwnium 4 security competition in Canada. Commenting on their approach to security:
“Bad guys are fundamentally lazy, like the rest of us. They’re looking for the highest return with the least amount of effort.”
“They want the weakest link, and we will never have Chrome be the weakest link.”
There’s a lot to agree with in this approach, after all most predators tend to pick on the vulnerable (even serial killers) and you can often survive using the ‘slightly faster runner’ tactic (ie the old joke about surviving a tiger attack: “I don’t have to be the fastest runner, I just have to […]

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Google Burn

Always funny to see these thing play out. Google announces a new (yes, yet another one) tool for reporting scraper sites, and the interwebz responds with a clear message: Google is the biggest scraper site of all.

And as SEL reports it’s pretty much gone viral now. Even the main technology blogs are reporting on it now. Hilarity ensues.
.@mattcutts I think I have spotted one, Matt. Note the similarities in the content text:

— dan barker (@danbarker) February 27, 2014

(Thanks Dan Barker <- free link love for you, you deserve it.)

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Google Instant Roundup

It’s been a week now since Google Instant hit the news desks of IT blogs everywhere. I’ve started getting a few questions from clients and friends about it, so I thought I’d put together a simple collection of recommended links, and finish off with some of my thoughts. There’s been tons of discussion of course, but for a good summary of the main points, the following 4 or 5 posts will serve you well: SEObook – How Google Instant Changes the SEO Landscape Aaron Wall has a good overview of the announcement and summary of the main effects (and if you are an SEObook member a very detailed analysis inside) as […]

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Location, Search and Google’s Patent

Google’s patent awarded last week for using location in advertising is interesting news (patent details here via VentureBeat). Not because of the dramatic effect (dun, dun, dah) it might have on the industry . No, the key point here is they submitted the patent for consideration back in September 2003. This is significant because it shows the foresight Google has. Sure, the concept of location isn’t new – people have been talking about it (or at least claiming to have talked about it) for more than a decade. And recently the talk has reached mainstream discussion. But most of that talk (myself included) has been about location enabled services. […]

Search as an Experience

It’s easy to think of search (ie searching on Google or Bing) as simply a (boring) research activity. And in turn, to think that all the innovation in search is about providing a ‘better’ result. But what does ‘better’ mean when it comes to search? Joseph Pine’s TED talk on what consumers want is a good insight into how the search game is changing (and hat tip to Michael Gray for the link and thought). Joseph’s talk is from 2004, but his point is relevant now. It’s essentially this: people want an experience. And they want an experience with authenticity. Consider how the UX and designer communities have grown in […]

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Bing Finance and Data

Bing’s new Finance updates are nice. I guess. Here’s a search for ‘msft’ on Bing.   Click on the Investor Data button and you’ll see this: Yep, that’s a charting error. But let’s assume that little issue will be resolved soon (and it may even be something on my machine – there’s a bit of beta stuff installed I have to admit). Clicking on OK gets us to the details: A nice layout and links to the relevant analysis I’m interested in. You can click through to more details on MSN Money. Here’s a comparison with the Google experience: […]

adCenter versus AdWords

The true test of any company, product or service is in their Christmas message right? (I’m joking). So let’s consider how Microsoft adCenter and Google AdWords stack up against each other. I spend a fair bit of money with each, so it’s reasonable to expect something useful in the Inbox at Christmas time. Microsoft AdCenter First up, Microsoft adCenter. Here’s the message I received a few days ago: Cool, perhaps there’s a voucher or discount coupon waiting for me. I click the button and am taken to this page: After a good 20-30 seconds of loading, I finally experience this delight: […]