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Web Content Management System (CMS) Smackdown

I wanted to give you advance warning that we’ll be having our annual Web CMS Smackdown at SBTUG on Wednesday 29 September. Yes, September – roughly 6 weeks away. This was one of our most popular events at the Sydney Business & Technology User Group last year. If you’re already sold on the event and don’t need to know anything more, then just pop over and RSVP now on our Facebook Event. For those of you who might be a little lost as to what a smackdown is I’ll give a quick overview of the night and what we are aiming to achieve… Aim The aim of the night is […]

Office 2010 & Windows Intune at SWUG this Wed

I’m looking forward to the Sydney Windows User Group (SWUG) this Wed (only 2 days to go!). Nick Rayner (newly blogging again) has lined up another rip-snorter (<- the first definition) and managed to get both Alistair Speirs and Jeff Alexander presenting on the same night (many people travel miles to hear just one of these guys – they’re that good :-)) Alistair (newly married) will be talking about Office 2010 including Visio, Project and SharePoint. I’m a big Alistair fan (as you know), so I’d be going anyway, but having just upgraded to Office 2010 I wouldn’t miss it. Office 2010 is an excellent upgrade IMO, particularly Outlook 2010 which has […]

SBTUG: Social Networking and Chocolate

If you’re like me, then you probably cringe when you see people referring to themselves as a ‘social media strategist’. And if they point to Gary Vaynerchuk as their main example of why you too should embrace social media then I really despair. Too often it seems, we’re told of the wonderful success stories, with scant mention of the hard work, sweat and perserverance these overnight social media celebrities have been putting in… for years  (as most overnight successes do). Of course, anyone and everyone can use social networking, but with so many options, how do you know which path to choose? How do we avoid ending up like this […]

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at SBTUG

Next Wednesday (Sep 30) at SBTUG we’re lucky to have Kristin Rohan from SassySEO along to give us a Beginners Guide to SEO For Business.  Make sure you RSVP here. It kicks off at 6pm next Wed 30 Sep at Microsoft, North Ryde (full details and map here). (We ask for a $5 donation to help cover the cost of pizza.) SEO for Business She’ll be covering a number of areas including: Why it is relevant What tactics you can use both internally (ie on page) and externally (ie off page) How to optimise using ‘white […]

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At one time in the not-too-distant past, the mention of ‘open source’ carried a stigma with it. Perhaps an inkling that it was not high quality. Or managed by socially inept geeks. Or not well supported.

But those days are long gone, and the adoption of open-source in the enterprise is high. And while this in itself is not particularly new, what is new is that it is finally being acknowledged by major closed-source companies. Microsoft is an obvious case in point.

The recent announcement of Microsoft’s is welcome news to many, and seeks to be much more active than previous initiatives – but what does it really mean?

versus is Microsoft’s new foundation:
“The […]

SBTUG – Wed 24 June 2009 – Visual Studio 2010, Customer Feedback, Google Wave

I love the Sydney developer community. Really I do. Here’s why… I’d previously organized a speaker for SBTUG tomorrow night, but he had to pull out (due to valid work travel reasons). This was two weeks ago. Then I got sick for a week and a bit, so it wasn’t until late last week I started getting around to finding replacements (yeah, I know – pretty disorganized for me). Two guys from the community quickly offered to help. But then one of them called me on Monday to say he couldn’t make it (due to valid health related reasons). No problem, Andrew Coates and Jodie Miners both jumped in to help at […]

Sydney Windows User Group covers Windows 7 and Touch

Last Wednesday (13 May 2009) we had the first meeting of the newly formed (reformed?) Sydney Windows User Group (SWUG). Nick Rayner and I are leading the group, although to be fair Nick is doing 90% of the work. He’s the initiative, drive and main organizer. And doing a fantastic job I must say. The first meeting was packed and had more interaction amongst attendees than I’ve ever seen in a long time. It bodes well for future meetings. (The group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at Microsoft North Ryde, so make sure you get along to our next meeting on 10 June if you’re interested.) At the […]

Virtual Earth Developer Contest

Over on the ViaWindowsLive site they’re running a Virtual Earth contest. Simply submit an article or video about something cool you’re doing with Virtual Earth and you’re in the running. You get a T-shirt just for entering (assuming your entry is valid :-), and there are a bunch of other prizes if yours is up the higher end on the awesomeness scale. You can contribute your article or video on the Contribute Article page. The site gets a fair amount of traffic, so is a good chance to get yourself some exposure as well as contributing to the community.

SBTUG: Wed 28 Jan 2009 – SharePoint, Windows 7 and Touch

Quick details: The Sydney Business & Technology User Group When: Wed 28 January 2009 Time: 6pm (until approx 8:30pm) Where: Microsoft, North Ryde Contact: Craig Bailey : 0413 489 388 Cost: $5 donation (to cover Pizza) More details:   About our sessions: SharePoint for Managers : Kathy Hughes Kathy will […]

Team System Web site clean up

I’ve always liked how the Team System team work hard to provide details on what they’re up to. This is becoming more the norm on Microsoft assets (just check out the great job Beth Massi has been doing on the VSTO site for example), and so I shouldn’t be surprised to see just how serious they see simple things like content management to be. as Jeff Beehler notes, the Team System team have hired a dedicated web site manager for the Team System site. Sharon Elkins is the lucky person, and she blogs here about what her plans for the site are. Here’s the Team System community site, featuring everyone’s favorite defacto Aussie: Chuck […]