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Try to find anyone being positive about Newsweek’s Bitcoin founder article

Here’s a quick game to play – try to find anyone saying anything positive about Newsweek at the moment. Their recent ‘scoop’ got tons of coverage, but it turned negative pretty quickly. Check out the comments on their own followup statement about the story. It’s almost as if they’re encouraging the negativity by putting in closing statements like this:
Moreover, it encourages all to be respectful of the privacy and rights of the individuals involved.
Amongst many others, Pando does a pretty good job of putting the boot in.

The sad thing in all this is that Newsweek will  be benefiting greatly from all this additional coverage – I don’t often read articles from a  site […]

Getty Images allowing embedding of millions of images for free

This could be handy if you like to use images on your site and in blog posts etc. Getty has announced that many (approx 35 Million) of their images can be used for free on sites, as long as they are embedded using the Getty embed code (it’s an iFrame basically, but includes Getty branding and other guff).

Look for the embed button on images (if there’s no embed button, then you can’t use it for free):

There’s a few terms and conditions (eg you can’t use them in advertising or promotions etc):
Where enabled, you may embed Getty Images Content on a website, blog or social media platform using the embedded viewer (the “Embedded Viewer”). Not […]

My iPhone Apps – March 2014

This is a post purely for me to come back and review in the future for interest.

I thought I’d start recording my phone app choices because it would be interesting to see how they change over time.

Here’s my current two screens of app:


The Home screen is the stuff I use the most, and the second screen is stuff that I don’t use as much or are playing with (eg I’ve only recently downloaded WhatsApp, but haven’t really found a use for it yet).

Threes is particularly addictive though, and may get promoted to my Home screen soon.

One thing I’d like is a setting in iOS that would automatically order my Home screen based on the […]

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That time I worked out how to enable Emoji on my iPhone

Sometimes it’s good to record the date when you finally enable something that everyone else worked out years ago. It’s good because there’s always that little reminder to yourself that no matter how behind the times others are (close family are usually in this bracket), chances are you’ve had moments like that too.

I’ve had plenty of them. Today’s was finally working out how to get Emoji working on my iPhone. Yep. A new world.



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Highly Paid Interns

A report from Glassdoor got picked up by the NYT and is getting some attention. Turns out some interns are highly paid, with the top interns getting $7K per month base. That’s pretty good alright.

The report itself is pretty thin – the requirements were that the companies analysed had to have at least 20 interns work there (yep, just 20 to qualify) over the 2 year period of the study. And they (obviously) had to have submitted to the glassdoor survey. So, I’m a little wary that the results are pretty skewed.

But that said, it’s probably not much of a surprise – in technology companies that are racing to the top (and garnering $19B […]

Tim Cook says ‘bloody’

Good gracious! I was shocked. Shocked I tell you. Such profanity.

As almost every tech blog on earth has reported, Tim cook lost his cool a little at a recent shareholder meeting. Asked by Justin Danhof (following Justin’s policy proposal suggestion being rejected by shareholders) about whether ‘he would commit right then and there to doing only those things that were profitable’, Tim Cook replied:
“When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind,” he said, “I don’t consider the bloody ROI.”
He followed on with:
“If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock.” – Tim Cook
Um, Justin, that’s a no.

As many have pointed out, the indirect […]

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Windows 8.1 Free Edition experiments

A free version of Windows 8.1? Perhaps. Gotta say that I think the idea of Microsoft experimenting with vastly different pricing models is a good idea. Experiment away. Some good thoughts here.

The issue of course will be setting the balance between forcing apps and Bing bars and other shite on users, as opposed to just letting them get used to (and hopefully liking) the stigma-ridden version that Windows 8 has become. Penetration is a key metric of course, but user love is far more important. Challenging times, but I’ve got faith in Satya.

Google Burn

Always funny to see these thing play out. Google announces a new (yes, yet another one) tool for reporting scraper sites, and the interwebz responds with a clear message: Google is the biggest scraper site of all.

And as SEL reports it’s pretty much gone viral now. Even the main technology blogs are reporting on it now. Hilarity ensues.
.@mattcutts I think I have spotted one, Matt. Note the similarities in the content text:

— dan barker (@danbarker) February 27, 2014

(Thanks Dan Barker <- free link love for you, you deserve it.)

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The Right Thing To Do

I’ve been a fan of John Gruber’s blog for a while, but never really listened to his podcast (The Talk Show) until now. Part of the reason for not listening (to a lot of podcasts, not just his) is when I see that the episodes are usually more than an hour long I just give up – when am I ever going to listen all of that? Turns out though, that if the content is interesting enough you’ll find the time.

And so it is with The Talk Show, that I finally gave it a listen, and found it quite thought provoking. I’m picky so I won’t listen to all the episodes, but this recent one […]

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Google Calendars not showing in iOS7

I had a reasonably frustrating time with this issue this morning, and it took me about 2 hours to finally solve. So here’s hoping the following might save you a few minutes…

Problem: Google Calendars (eg from Google Apps) no longer show in iOS7 Calendar apps. Also Contacts don’t sync with Google contacts.

Solution: You need to completely delete your Google account from your iPhone and re-add it, making sure you use an Application password (if you use Google 2-step verification).
My email, calendar, contacts, etc are all part of Google Apps. For years these have all working seamlessly on my iPhone and iPad as well as my Android devices – a Nexus 7 and and […]